My business is helping you get clear & stand out

Coaches & Creative Professionals are my sweet spot.


A clear, cohesive and compelling brand helps you attract your ideal clients and grow your business. Without it your business can become generic, invisible, unclear and ineffective.

Speer Creative Edge utilizes a unique mix of Strategy, Design & Coaching to build your authentic brand into a powerful tool for your business.


A clear vision, living true to your core values and working to reach your desired goals provides harmony, joy and a strong foundation for life & business. Without it you can easily become lost, stuck, reactive and bitter.

Speer Creative Edge offers Coaching to helps you get clear, express yourself and build a life that’s authentically your own – which becomes your own personal brand.


Brand strategy is clarity and big picture thinking combined with a targeted plan to create results.


Design helps express your brand cohesively from logo to website to marketing (and more).


Coaching is a partnership to generate clarity, accelerate growth and reach goals.

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