Coaching is a great tool as you build your business brand and/or your personal brand. It isn’t magic, telling you what to do or cheerleading you to success. Coaching is a powerful partnership to generate clarity, accelerate your growth and reach your goals. The focus is on what is authentic for you and not someone else’s agenda.

We’ll identify what’s true for you and what goals, mindset and actions set you up for creating the results you desire. Then we create the structure and accountability that keeps you moving forward. If you’re in it to win it, coaching is for you!


Get Down & Dirty
to Get Results

1:1 Coaching / 1 Goal / 90 Day Program

This coaching program is perfect if you like to focus on one clear goal in your business or life at a time and you’re ready to jump in, get messy and create results in 90 days. This program can be repeated again with a new goal.

Program Price $2,400
(in 3 payments)

Trust Your
Inner Compass

1:1 Coaching / Life Path / 6 Months

If you are at a crossroads or need some support in creating what’s next in your life, this program is for you. We’ll start with a unique system to activate your inner compass and then co-create your goals and actions to move you forward.

$800 a Month
(6 Month Engagement)

Just For You

Tailored Custom Coaching Package

If what you want or need to work on together is outside of the scope of the other coaching programs, we’ll talk about what you want to accomplish and then work together to design a customized coaching package for you.

Time Frame & Pricing
(To Be Determined)

Contact me to talk about coaching program details and get your questions answered.

Jacqueline Ebanks
Healthcare Entrepreneur
Grand Cayman Island

“Working with Lisa, as my coach, was a major investment in myself. I returned to believing in and truly loving me and developing my compass that aligns me to who I want to be. This allowed me to confidently say ‘YES’ and even more importantly, ‘NO’ as necessary.

I have said YES to: choosing myself, expressing myself more openly and being more vulnerable, dreaming and going after my dreams at my own pace, finding and appreciating the beauty in who I am right now, making choices in line with who I really am. I have said NO to: being a martyr, sacrificing myself to please others, fear, letting my autoimmune condition define me or limit my dreams.

The ripple effects of having Lisa as my coach has been truly life-changing, including happier and healthier relationships with myself and others. My daughter said, ‘Mom, you really, really seem to be enjoying life so much more now.’ This simple statement meant the world to me.”

Sophia J. Casey
Senior Analyst to the Associate CIO, IRS & Executive Life Coach
Washington, DC

“Lisa’s unwavering stand for me has had a life changing impact on my coaching business, my government work, and most importantly on my relationship with myself.

I’ve given up being driven by what other people think. She helped me distinguish that by peeling back years of layers of who I thought I “should” be to be successful and fulfilled, I could actually have a life of joy, balance and love just by being my authentic self.

She was relentlessly loving about my goals of financial health, strengthening my romantic relationship and creating a successful business with heart, ease and fierce vulnerability. I am forever grateful for Lisa’s coaching and supporting me to come into MY soul space.”

Carrie Merz
Account Manager
Boston, MA

“Lisa truly loves her clients and through the coaching process helped me sort through my fears and my passions.

Now I am knowing, owning and expressing who I am from my heart. I created a job I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. It’s a life accomplishment to work at a place where I’m proud of what I’m doing and it’s aligned with my values.

I also discovered that singing in my church choir is a rewarding form of self-expression and brings me deep joy. In singing, I am more deeply connected to self, others and spirit. My life is full and I’m happy.”

Mudita Chawla
Law Partner
New York, NY


“When I started working with Lisa, work was my life. I was very dedicated to my career and still wanted to make partner at the law firm, however knew I also wanted to develop success in other areas of my life as well.

In working with Lisa, I was able to see where I was getting in my own way. Now I have tools to more clearly identify what I want and clearly ask for it, which makes things so much easier. I had a good life before and now I love it even more.

During my time working with Lisa, I made partner, created a relationship and my wellbeing is on track. Now work is one great part of my life, not my whole life. I learned a lot about myself and changed a lot in my life in the past 10 months and credit the process of being coached and working with Lisa.”

Let’s discuss your coaching questions and needs.

I’m an ICF credentialed coach and got my training through Accomplishment Coaching in NYC.

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