Design is a tool to help you stand out and connect with your new and current clients. At Speer Creative Edge, design isn’t decoration. We always use brand clarity & strategy as a foundation. Then design is crafted so the brand’s visual style and words go hand-in-hand to express your brand clearly and cohesively. Our process ensures your input is included at key steps during creative development. We create design packages to help provide the key brand elements most effectively.

The mood board helps determine the visual direction; the logo is the cornerstone of your brand; the business card helps establish your presence; your brand identity guide provides consistency, your website establishes credibility and helps prospects vet you as a resource; your social media builds online relationships; marketing materials communicate key strategic messages. Together they are a brand system.


The Tease

Entice with your brand essentials.

Brand Clarity & Strategy Session

Mood Board

Logo & Business Card

Brand Identity Guide

Package Price Starts at $2,999

The Reveal

Display your core brand system.

Brand Clarity & Strategy Session

Mood Board

Logo & Business Card

Brand Identity Guide

+ Website

Package Price Starts at $6,899

The Full Monty

Show off your brand package.

Brand Clarity & Strategy Session

Mood Board

Logo & Business Card

Brand Identity Guide


+ Social Media Starter Kit

Package Price Starts at $8,899

Contact me for package details and to get your questions answered.
Ongoing design services for marketing materials are available after purchase of an initial Brand Design Package to select clients.

Sheila Mullen
Resilience Coach, Blue Skies
Charlotte, NC

“Being an entrepreneur is a messy trial and error process, one that adore, but at times I found myself spinning.  Working with Lisa Speer on brand strategy and website creation was invaluable.

She was fully invested in ensuring my business success while finding the perfect branding messaging that amplified Blue Skies: Stories That Heal.  I often marveled at her ability to balance working through her proven structured process while embracing the flow of the creative process.

Lisa is a must hire if you are looking to create a strong brand that touches hearts and minds.”


Steve Schang
Principal, Midwood Usability
Charlotte, NC

“Working with Lisa you get NYC agency quality work from someone who is accessible and easy to work with. I was really confident coming out of our structured strategy session that the branding would tie into our business objectives.

The creative process was a very collaborative approach, which I enjoyed. The high quality ideas and options resulted in a logo I love. Then we used the wireframe process to strategize pages and flow for the website to create an intentional path for the audience resulting in a website that expresses our business and services clearly.

Creating a brand made the business more real – before that, it was just me consulting. My business is viewed differently from the outside with a solid brand. It brings what I do to life and makes it tangible. By going through Lisa’s comprehensive process it’s clear she brings agency expertise to her clients.”

Leslie Grygiel
Development Coach & Consultant, Leslie Grygiel
Charlotte, NC

“Sarah Olin suggested working with you because of your first-hand experience as a coach, combined with your expertise in branding. You have a magic that I cannot explain that translates words, values, interests, stories into a visual look and feel that truly fits me and my business. I came into the initial strategy session with the classic new coach concern that I didn’t want to close off potential clients by declaring a niche. Once I got comfortable with it and when I saw the completed web page, I knew you were right. It’s powerful and stunning in its focus.

I value your skills and greatly appreciate that even though we’re working on branding, marketing, and other aspects of business, there’s a subtle coaching happening all along the way. We work really well together and as we were talking today about next steps, I realized I really want to keep the partnership going to continue driving the evolution of my business. You are extremely knowledgeable. I respect and trust you because you are also very honest and straightforward in a caring way. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. It’s truly turned out beautifully and I cannot wait to show off the website.”

Igor Gorlatov
Managing Partner, Torchbearer Fractional CMOs
Charlotte, NC

“During our strategy and clarity session, Lisa worked to understand our perspective and approach to business before starting the design.  Evaluation of graphic design could be very subjective because it is personal. And yet I felt I was in great hands throughout the whole process. Unlike many other designers I worked with before, Lisa’s approach is very seamless and consistent, with no surprises along the way both in terms of design choices and meeting agreed upon deadlines.

Our project involved re-design of an existing brand that my partner used before we joined forces. It was a challenge to maintain some elements from the past, but also incorporate the new perspective that our business acquired after I joined the team. Lisa helped us articulate our requirements. All the choices she presented were on target for our brand. Through discussion with Lisa, we were able to agree on the final direction. If you are considering hiring Lisa, I would say go for it. You will not only get a great branding collateral but will enjoy the whole development process as well.”

Annikki Brown, PCC
Leadership Coach, Annikki Brown Coaching
Grand Cayman Island

“I love working with Lisa because of her integrity.  A more professional person you cannot find.  She does what she says she will do when she says she will do it and is powerfully creative on top of it.

Lisa is genuinely curious as part of her process. Her questions were designed to understand me and my business and where it’s headed. Her ground work led to a truly representative finished project.

She really got me, got what it is I do, got why I do it, and presented my business authentically in a compelling way that people could connect with it.”

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