Strategy is the foundation for everything at Speer Creative Edge. We focus on clarity in these 3 key areas:

1. You & Your Business
2. Your Ideal Clients
3. Your Brand

Your brand is the bridge between you and your clients. Through our unique strategic process we will develop your brand position and your brand personality, which becomes the foundation for creative development and marketing decisions.

Sarah Olin_headshot

Sarah Olin, PCC
Life Coach for Moms, Luscious Mother
Charlotte, NC

“I LOVE WORKING WITH LISA!! Lisa is brilliant, connected, easy and a total professional. As a busy coach with a full practice, Lisa helps with everything – from the minutia of what needs to happen on the day-to-day leading up to a new program launch to clarity around the big picture and what matters most to me. One highlight is creating a working retreat with Lisa where we mapped out the next year of my business. Spending an afternoon with Lisa is always extremely productive, and collaborative and thought-provoking.

In addition to her strategy and design skills, Lisa’s coaching skills help keep elevation and altitude around my projects – to see when things aren’t aligned with my highest self and my mission and vision as a mom, wife, coach and business owner. She helps you cut through your own BS and have an incredible experience. Lisa have helped me get clear around what I love, what I need to charge, when I’m doing things that don’t make sense business-wise.

All coaches need support. I’ve invested lots of money in lots of places in my business over the years, the money I’ve spent on Lisa is easily the best money I’ve spent. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.”

christine sachs_headshot

Christine Sachs, MA, MCC
President and Head Coach, Christine Sachs Coaching
New York, NY

“The process working with you was a huge pleasure. I felt heard and understood. Your strategic and design process was both time for exploration and creation AND time for me to make sense of the ideas I already had. You definitely thought of things that I would not have. Now I have a clear branding image and message to hang my identity on. I love the final product. It was clear concise, and I can take it with me everywhere.

It was useful you’re a coach too because you asked thoughtful questions and we did a deeper dive to align the strategy with who I am, while not buying into the circumstances of “I cant be/do that”.

I’d tell others who are thinking of working with you that they are not getting a cookie cutter strategist. The time investment and the ideation is vital to the process. They need to be an active participant in the process. The more they share and participate, the better the output. The more joy gets created!”

Corey Anker
Life & Leadership Coach, and Founder of The Uncovery Project
New York, NY

“Lisa combines a number of qualities that you want in the person who’s supporting or creating your brand – brilliance, creativity, professionalism, accessibility, and clear thinking. She knows what she’s doing, and has an innate ability to focus on the smallest details while keeping an eye on the big picture. And on top of it all, she’s a coach. This is tremendously helpful in terms of accessing the authentic purpose and message of your brand.

Lisa is a straight shooter, brings a powerful level of partnership, and knows how to take the project seriously while also bringing an easy going style. She was recommended to me by a trusted colleague, and now I get to recommend her to you. If you’ve got something cooking, reach out and talk to Lisa. You’ll be glad you did!”

Adrienne Craighead
Founder & Chief Illuminator, Torchbearer Fractional CMOs
Charlotte, NC

“I’ve worked with dozens of talented graphic designers in my years as a marketing strategist, but I’d have to say that Lisa Speer exceeded my every expectation and then some. She’s so much MORE than a graphic designer . . . she’s a true brand strategist with the skills to help her clients get clear and then she designs the visual components that really communicate your brand.

Working with her to update our logo and design our business cards was an illuminating experience. Rather than begin the conversation with a discussion of looks we liked or colors we were fond of, Lisa began by helping my business partner and I truly clarify the VALUES we want our brand to communicate. The result of all of Lisa’s work is SO MUCH MORE than a simple logo . . . which is why you’ll be spoiled after working with her. She’s truly in the top 1% of her game and no one else I’ve encountered has the talent, experience, and commitment to excellence that she possesses. So if you’re a coach or creative professional – hire her at once. And if she’s currently booked, wait for her. She’s absolutely worth it!”

Brand Strategy Services include: Brand Clarity & Strategy Session, Brand Audit & Review, Brand Management

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